We want the property to look like an oasis.  
 We don’t want the neighbors to see what we’re doing when we’re out in the yard. (Not that we do anything bad, mind you.) 
 We'd like to have some outdoor fun. (e.g., Fire pit, jacuzzi, archery) 
 All we want to do is have a few bushes moved and/or planted. Everything else is okey-dokey. 
 We plan on doing a lot of entertaining in our yard such as graduation parties, Quniceañeras, Bar Mitzvahs, business entertaining, birthdays possible wedding, celebrating a winning Lotto ticket, etc. 
Working toward your Garden of Eden: What do you want to do with your property?
Thinking Green: What 's your budget?
 Under $10,000 
 Around $25,000 
 Over 50 grand 
 Well over 50Gs 
Department of Parks & Recreation: What kind of leisure activities are you planning on?
 We love to grill. 
 We plan on doing cooking that would make Grant Achatz salivate. 
 We have (or are planning to have) a yard full of children. 
 We have a dog but it’s not too big. 
 We have a dog and it’s kind of on the massive side. 

The Water Works: Where, how much and what for?
 We want to conserve water.  
 Talk to us about a sprinking system. 
 We want to attract birds. 
 We want to discuss running water and/or a fish pond and/ or some other for of waterscaping 
 We're thinking of a swimming pool. 
 We're thinking of a Jacuzzi. 
A Versailles you can call your own: How can we help you with the maintenance?
 We want to hire out all of the maintenance: mowing, seasonal flowers, pull every tiny weed.  
 We'll probably mow the lawn but hire out the rest. 
 We'll probably only want Spring & Fall cleanup. 
 We're thinking seasonal bulbs & flowers. 
 We want to do all the maintenance ourselves.


What do you want out of your landscaping?

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Preferred Phone Number

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Yeah, we can do that.
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Street Address
City or Village
Any other activities?
Putting green? Horseshoes? Cigar Smoking? Squirt gun fights?
Are there any special needs or accommodations we can help with?
Estate Planning: How long do you plan on staying at your property?
 Only a few years. 
 At least ten years. 
 Until we're buried in the backyard.