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How much water does my grass need? In this climate, an inch to an inch and a half a week.

How do I know if I am overwatering? Three sure signs are:
• Mushrooms in your lawn
• A "squushy" feeling when you walk over the lawn -especially if it leaves footprints.
• A lot of water runnoff in the gutters.
• The maintenace crew knocks on your door and says "You are overwatering."

What do I do if my grass turns brown? Nothing to do but wait until next year. Any attempt to "water it back to life" will drain it of nutrients.

The leaves on my trees and/or shrubs have spots. What gives? That could be disease, insects, weed competition, animals, changes in the environment or poor care. Give us a call and we'll check them out on our next visit.

Even though you put down an herbicide, we still have crabgrass. Why? It can come from a lawn cut too low (less than two inches), frequent, light watering or both.

Is it true that bug-zappers, beetle traps and the like do more harm than good? It is. Tests have shown that while bug zappers kill very few mosquitos, the do kill off an army of the "good" insects that promote a healthy environment. And beetle traps actually attract more beetles. Not a good thing to have but, perhaps a great gift to give to your least favorite neighbor.