Don't pay retail for lawn furniture.
Even the highest end lawn furniture will go on sale. I always keep my radar running to help clients find the best values.



Three things worth knowing about sprinkling systems.

  • A sprinkler system is the ultimate water conservation device. Ask any groundskeeper.
  • Don't ignore all the relatively inexpensive little infrastructure tricks that can save you some serious change later.
  • Shy away from putting in way too many zones and heads.
Should you take a vacation from watering?



One word: Winterscaping.
It's the difference between three months a year looking out at Maine or Greenland.
First, hit the road.
Then take out your cell phone or camera and start a record of what you like - not a bad thing to know. The Chicago Botanic Garden is full of ideas.
What you're building is a backyard vacation spot.
Bocce, anyone? Putting practice? Future weddings for your six daughters? A doggie plantation? How about just being able to sit out in your pajamas? (Or no pajamas?) Take the "Just what do you want out of your landscaping?" survey.